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Kitesurfing Questions

-Yes it is silly fun

-what if I don’t get it right away? smaller risk then to go through life without. one life to live signature real deal kiteboarding lessons your lesson your way, all the way. You deserve that.

Is Kiteboarding Dangerous?

  • There are do’s and don’t. That are really do and don’t. Kiteboarding is a water-based action sport that has plenty of risks, and it can be dangerous and even deadly, especially without proper training. You should learn everything you can about the sport before taking a lesson. Kiteboarding is an ongoing education in safety, weather, forecasting, etc, and is not something learned overnight or by watching a video. Our site provides you the tools you need for success and we hope you enjoy it!
  • Is this something I can actually learn at my age?

    ABSOLUTELY! If you can swim, handle moderate exercise, and the ability to learn you can learn to kiteboard! People of all ages are active in this amazing sport and, was recently featured in AARP magazine as a popular sport for seniors. My eldest student to date was 73 years young. Our youth training programs in wind sports are available for kids of all ages, however, we do not train children under 12 in water kiting activities. For children under 12, we have a land-based introduction to kiting course available.

    Are kiteboarding and kitesurfing the same?

    Generally speaking, kiteboarding and kitesurfing are different names for the same water sport. The majority of people tend to use them both interchangeably in conversations, although purists say they do not represent the same thing. … For them, kiteboarding is a sailing or wind sport, similar to windsurfing.
  • How can I learn faster?

    Do your pre-lesson homework! This website is set up to give you all the tools you need to get started safely and to help you find a good instructor.

  • What can I expect in my first water lesson?

    Usually, in the first water lesson, a prospective kiter finds out if the sport is for them. You will be pulled through the water with the kite, practice steering, body dragging, self-rescue, and plenty of relaunching, all which require focus, plenty of multi-tasking, and the ability to laugh at mistakes. It gives you a taste of the power of the kite and you are more than likely going to crash it in the water and get pulled around a little (OK, a lot!). Our lesson plans are designed to teach you safely and build confidence in your abilities step-by-step.

    Is windsurfing harder than surfing?

    If you just want to get up and go, then surfing is by far the winner. You can carry your surfboard in your hands, and it will also fit easily in the car. Windsurfing equipment, on the other hand, is a lot bulkier and harder to move around on foot.

Getting hurt is a smaller risk then to go through life without. One life to live signature real deal kiteboarding lessons your lesson your way, all the way. You deserve that.

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