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Miami Kitesurfing Book Lessons 305 898 1700

#1 Miami Captain G.
Your Miami style relaxing adventure yacht / boats.
kitesurfing, SUP, scuba, water sports or just a lazy day on the water. To great sun set.
305 898 1700 Is great with the zell !

He lives frome tips. Like a water! He is doing all ha can to make your trip right!

cash-app-kiteboarding-lessons by . venmo payment for kiteboarding lessons by .

real deal kiteboarding lessons school

Zell, USE PHONE # 305 8981700

Real deal yacht rentals for you about you.
Your Miami yacht boat signature real deal Boat rentals / yacht chartering. #1 Miami boat captain G. heading up the show.

Jet ski, stand up pedal board (SUP) snorkeling and just Miami extreme chillaxing life style.

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