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Miami Kitesurfing, Maurice Gibb Memorial Park 33133
1914 Sunset Harbour Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
1780 Purdy dr. Miami Beach FL 33139
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Miami kitesurfing kite surfing lessons
The 2 ez to get to kiteboarding locations are Mathieson hammock and Crandon park. Just a quck look ate what one may expect at this locations.


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As the new season approaches, we need to inform you of the new procedures we will implement to make riding at Crandon, Hassle-free, safer and mostly trouble-free for a long-lasting kite spot officially recognized by the authorities.
With Last year experience, we came to the following necessary improvements:

Miami Florida Beach Map

– The Sign-in will be simplified by attributing a PERSONAL STREAMER for the entire Season to each Crandon park registered rider.

– The creation of a CRANDON RIDER’S CLUB including a MEMBERSHIP FEE to allow better Signage, more interactivity through Events and Races monthly, more commitment to Self-regulating on our spot, and a WEBPAGE to keep in touch with the Miami kite life.

– SAFETY for bystanders & Riders could be dramatically improved by adjusting CORRIDOR BUOYES.

– NUMBER OF RIDERS ALLOWED ON WATER should BE INCREASED to allow all of us to ride in windy days and reduce waiting lines when signing-in the daily sheet.
Those are the main changes that will occur this year. Other than that, the rules are pretty much the same.

So in order to ride in Crandon Park, make sure you prepare the following requirements, effective now as Crandon Park officially re-open on weekends. (After Sept 1st):

To obtain your PERSONAL STREAMER LABELED with YOUR NAME, and be Updated on the 2008-2009 Crandon Riders database, you will need to bring on your FIRST DAY:

– UP-TO-DATE IKO INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE ( copy of purchase ) ($78.50/year)

Click on this link for applying or renewing:  Your Affiliation CODE to be entered is S-656 for Miami.

– IKO CARD LEVEL 3: Required to be shown on First day as a proof of COMPETENT rider.

– YEARLY MEMBERSHIP FEE of $50 for participation to Crandon Rider Club. ( Help paying for : Signage, buyoes, People in charge of Check-in, Riders club Website, CLub t-shirt , administration of the club etc…)

– Then you will be asked to Sign the Acknowledgement of Crandon Park kitesurfing Rules with a current Phone and Email address to receive your PERSONAL STREAMER.
Riders Registration for 2008-09 season starts this week as Crandon re-opens 7 days. The Rider Database will be updated on a daily basis at the beach, upon showing all paperwork.

Please be ready to spend few minutes to complete your one-time registration for the year, at the MKB van or on the beach with our Administrator – Charlotte, on the first day you come and ride.

Part of creating a Crandon Rider Club will also includes: Kite races each month, Demo day, advanced Clinics , Teens kite Club, Downwinders on weekends, Kitesafaris to bahamas and FL keys…

Thanks to your cooperation we managed to keep this great spot safe and open and we will keep it that way.


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