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This course is designed for the beginner and is the first step toward learning how to kiteboard. Students discover the sport and safety rules while practicing various skills on land before performing on water. You will learn to assess the wind and physical location; use the safety systems; manage proper equipment; set-up; and to control the training kite. This program thoroughly introduces kiteboarding as a sport progressing and preparing you for the next level where you will transfer your skills from land to practice on water in the safest way possible.

This Intermediate Level course is designed to transfer the skills you practiced on land to the water. Students will feel for the first time the powerful vibrations of the wind from their kite and will learn to harness it. Students learn to gain power and drag with control both down and upwind, acquiring the skillsets that lay the foundation for a safe ride on the water. Students will become proficient at the MOST VALUABLE SKILL IN KITEBOARDING – how to come to a controlled stop! Water starting on their boards, students will change directions and recover their boards.

The kiteboard trainee becomes INDEPENDENT with the IKO Kiteboarder Level 3 Course. By now, students are ready to get rocking! Kiteboarding dreams are now realized. The hard work pays off. Students practice riding toe-side, attempting first jumps, and learning to focus on advanced skills like controlling speeds by edging, changing direction without stopping, self-rescuing, self-launching and landing safely. These skills are honed to make the kiter independent on the water. Independent kiters can explore the world’s different locations, water surfaces and wind strengths! Upon completion of the course, students are certified an IKO Kiteboarder Level 3 with an IKO Member Card and can purchase equipment.

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