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2 Safety (Preflight)

kitesurfing safety

Boat charters and kitesurfing lessons are a way from shore

-Be able to land in all conditions before you take you take off!!!

This goes along with being able to self rescue before you go out.

1. Understand and test or execute the safety systems of the kite before taking off. There may be a reason why you can not execute your safety system. find out problems in a safe place, not in an emergency.

2. Go through the full emergency sequence. You will continue with the confidence that the safety system works and you can work it. There is no β€œ I think it….” . Be prepared for the worst case. Hope for the best.


3. Through this, we find out that this is not a means of control. Like the car seat belt, you ware it hoping you never use it. It is safe to assume that you are going to go back to the beach to recuperate.

4. OK. back to the fun stuff, transfer the kite, and all the systems look good.


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