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1a Beach Rigging / Set Up

Beach Rigging / Kitesurfing Set Up

25.77237807, -80.13067245
25� 46′ 20.56” N, 80� 7′ 50.42” W
4th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

kitesurfing starts on a beach, great South Florida

-Make friends on the beach while keep a positive vibe.

-Find a safe place to play.

-Get familiar with the gear, and terminology of the kite.

-Start a system that works for your gear set up


-If you can, go up wind for added safety boundary. If you have the privilege of practicing in an area without distractions, use it!

-When moving the kite, let it trail behind you in an upside down fashion. If the kite can not be supported by the wind, this is a strong indicator that there in not enough wind to practice.

-This is looking like we have the hole beach to our selves. Perfect, there is no one to get tangled in.

-When placing the kite down, don’t get it cut or tangled in obstacles. If you can set up the lines up or down wind of the kite, I like to go up wind. Find out what works for you.


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Beach Rigging / Kitesurfing Set Up

What is kite hydrofoiling?

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 11:05
It seems that the whole kiting world suddenly got very interested in hydrofoils the past few years. Foilboards have actually been around for some years, first sit-down ones for skiing behind a boat, and then big wave surfers developed the stand up version from that. Commercially available foilboards for kiteboarding have been available since 2006. So what is all the hype about, and why now?

Imagine being able to kiteboard above the water. Gently floating over the chop in silence. Silence so unheard of that you can even hear the white water breaking next to you while you glide along at speed.

Now imagine being able to go upwind like a racing yacht. My average sessions at Kitebeach (in Cape Town) takes me from where Seli the wreck used to be upwind to Sunset beach, and then back again. If it was not fast and easy I would definitely not be doing it often.

Add to that the fact that when the wind is light, you are still powered up enough to go wherever you want to, as fast as you dare to go, and there will be no one else on the water (except maybe some SUPs and surfers). On light wind days, a gentle cruise on a yacht looks so inviting with flat calm seas, and only a gentle breeze. With a foilboard, you can now go kiting on these lovely days.

So what is a foilboard (or hydrofoil) some of you might ask. Well, it looks like this:

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