Miami Kitesurfing lessons south beach Florida keys. FL How to kite surf water sports. Key Biscayne bay Florida beach kite surf Miami kite surfing

4 hr Kitesurfing lessons

kitesurfining lessons miami beach FL$287, 3 hr kitesurfing ( 4 hr boat charter)

Moste popular starting kitesurfing lesson

• Have fun learning a great sport in a safe environment

• Another solid excuse to be on the water having fun.

• Allow you to reach IKO Level 1 to 2Your progression is often a factor experiences. Going through the Tutorials section will help a lot in your concepts of kiteboarding. At the end of this you will know this is what you’ve bin looking for.  You won’t even know that you where exercising you are having so much fun.

Improve your skills, if you are an intermediate or advanced kiteboarder with a professional coach who will provide technical pointers on maybe setting up gear, staying upwind, tack, jumping and advanced tricks and latest moves.

Kiteboarding Time: $287.00
(3 – 4 hr) One day

Kiteboarding Time

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4 hr Kitesurfing lessons

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