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What’s better a waist or a seat harness? Pro riders Susi Mai, Shawn Richman and Ben Wilson as well as pro kiteboarding instructors and even a physical therapist weigh in.

seat-harnessPro Seat Harness “The seat harness makes me feel like I have a G-string on and locks my hips in line with the bar.” — Adam Cook, North American kite pioneer

“Harnesses from lots of other sports have leg straps, like rock climbing and paragliding. I don’t get the whole belt/corset-type harness.” — Paul Franco, professional kite instructor

“Try hanging from a rope on both types of harnesses for more than one minute. That’s what made me switch from waist to seat.” — Paul Franco

“Seat harnesses are the ultimate nut-hugger!” — Shawn Richman, Mystic team rider

“If you suffer from a lower back or rib injury, a seat harness generally minimizes the stress and allows you to still get out there and ride.” — Dr. Nathan Phelps, physical therapist

“For course racing, the seat harness provides a lower center of gravity, which allows me to lever against the kite more effectively, which can increase my upwind angle.” — Shawn Richman

waist-harnessPro Waist Harness “The main advantage of the waist over the seat harness, in my mind, is it helps get rid of the oh-so-very-unsightly ‘pooh stance.’” — Susi Mai, Cabrinha team rider

“My posture in a waist harness is better, and I look way cooler on the beach?” — Shawn Richman

“My riding is all about simplicity, so a waist harness is my choice as it feels comfortable, and when I’m unhooked and riding the wave, I don’t even notice it, so it feels like I’m just surfing.” — Ben Wilson, Slingshot surf guru

“I love the waist harness because of the freedom it provides me in my hips and legs.” — Adam Cook

“Waist harnesses allow you to move a lot better, especially at an advanced level of riding.” — Susi Mai

I like to ride the waist harness super loose so it can spin and I feel unrestricted. — Dimitri Maramenides, Epic team rider


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