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memorial day / Miami, is fun.

Yes It is going of On Miami beach. If you want to just sit back and relax this is not where you want to be. mansion-miami-beach-night-club memorial day 2015 miami beach
Memorial Day weekend in Miami, colloquially known as Urban Beach Week, is almost upon us. So yes, we must honor our fallen troops. But we must also get set for beats, bangers, public intoxication, near-naked insanity, and pimped-out Chevys causing gridlock on Ocean Drive.

There are two ways to deal with Urban Beach Week. One, you sit with your head in the sand, post angry statuses on Facebook about traffic, and watch Netflix until everything blows over. Or, two, you do like those badasses in the street and put on something that sort of passes for clothing before getting turnt up in the club for four days s


Now, if you feel like being cool instead of lame, head to one — or all — of these Memorial Day weekend parties.

Hatteras Kiteboarding for Miami Summer

Now we rent Carafino hydrofoil. The top name in hydro foiling. If you see that you want to get oone this is a great way to see if you if it is for you. $ 100 rental, ride along to the flats or deposit for the board.

Foil kiteboarding rental

Foil kiteboarding rental

Miami kiteboarding lessons wind and wethere
Rent Hydrofoil in Miami or hatteras


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Kiteboarding lesson Real deal

When In Miami you will find all kinds of deals that are not real . But Miami kitesurfing ie the real deal on kiteboarding


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4th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USAMiami fl March brake kiteboarding

Miami Stand up paddle board ( sup ) Is what is on the books for the summer fun In Miami.

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