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Miami florida Summer kiteboarding Is on, and the foil kiteboarding os Hydrofoil is making it big. Sweet new Hydrofoil kiteboarding.

Miami summer
Foilboarding is conquering new enthusiasts. Some say it’s the fastest growing class in kiteboarding, some say it’s hasn’t future. So, what’s good and bad in the hydrofoil design?
Foilboarding, kite foiling, hydrofoil kiteboarding, foil kiteboarding. Actually, you can call it many names, but it all leads to the same discipline. Riding a kite with a hydrofoil board under your feet.

Hydrofoils have been used on different watercraft since 1906, when Enrico Forlanini, an Italian inventor, introduced the first foil design in a boat.

In the early 1960’s, Walter Woodward, an aeronautical engineer from Upper Newton Falls, Massachusetts, developed the first waterski hydrofoil. It looked cool and futuristic.

In 1972, Mike Murphy and Bud Holst developed the kneeboard for water skiing. The concept was improved in detail over the next couple of decades, until Mike Mack’s own “Mackstrap” saw the light of day. It was a heel strap used on a hydrofoil slalom ski, similar to the modern units.

Surfers rode big waves with a foilboard, windsurfers tested it in speed channels, and kiteboarders are getting hydrofoils popular in the market. So…

What makes foilboarding a great opportunity for the development of kiteboarding?

1. Speed matters; foil kiteboards are faster than all other kite boards because they have less drag.
2. No more bumps; sailors can ride above the waves and the bumpy water surface, and so they won’t feel the impact of rough waters.
3. Less physical effort; sailors feel a “light” ride with a hydrofoil under their feet.
4. Angle higher into the wind; the hydrofoil’s underwater skills are smarter than the traditional board.
5. Turn faster; the hydrofoil blade “cuts” the water for you.
6. Media-friendly innovation; the futuristic look attracts cameras and spectators.
7. Great for light winds;

Why is foilboarding considered a no-future kiteboarding class?

1. The danger factor; you don’t want to be hit by a hydrofoil whether you’re riding sharp razors or light carbon.
2. Not a Freestyle and Wave toy; the hydrofoil is not suited for innovative tricks and wave face cutbacks.
3. Not handy; it’s not easier to travel with a foil kite board.
4. Price; foilboarding is still more expensive than the traditional kiteboarding disciplines.
5. Shock sensitivity; kelp, fishes and plastic bottles are dangerous obstacles.
6. Too exotic for sailing authorities; it won’t be easy getting official recognition from the world’s governing bodies.
7. Regular maintenance; you’ll have to check the hydrofoil for damages, right after each sailing session.

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Hydrofoils is definitely the fastest growing side of kiteboarding. With so many hydrofoils available today, I cannot keep my list up to date for each one’s new models and changes. I have changed this page to a simple list, with very few comments on each brand. Please use it as a starting point when looking for a possible kite hydrofoil, but consult other riders or the website forum for reviews and tips about which hydrofoil would be good for you.

Hydrofoil Manufacturers

KiteFoil brand
Website Comments
Levitaz WWW.LEVITAZ.COM An Austrian hydrofoil with an innovative assembly mechanism.
The Kitefoil WWW.THEKITEFOIL.COM A hydrofoil brand with years of testing/designing of hydrofoils, offering both aluminium and carbon model hydrofoils.
Cape Town Foilboards WWW.CAPETOWNFOILBOARDS.COM This is my own hydrofoil design, developed in Cape Town to cater for strong winds, big waves, choppy conditions and crowds of people. Its about having fun on a foilboard in any type of condition.
Horue WWW.HORUE.FR Two French made models are available, and from the videos it looks like awesome free ride/freestyle hydrofoils.
Dutch Foil WWW.DUTCHFOILS.COM A dutch made hydrofoil.
Sroka WWW.SROKASHOP.COM A foil with very innovative construction enabling it to be very affordable, yet well designed.
FastaFoil WWW.FASTAFOIL.COM A designed refined over years and especially tuned to make learning easier. Made in France.
Spotz WWW.SPOTZ-FOIL.COM Probably the fastest hydrofoil around. Its the only production hydrofoil I know of that has been ridden faster than 40knots!
Delta WWW.DELTAHYDROFOIL.COM The first hydrofoil manufacturer on mainland USA.
MHL Lift WWW.MHLCUSTOM.COM/LIFT.HTML One of the early pioneers with a lot of foils around the world. Based in Puerto Rico.
Magma WWW.MAGMAFOIL.COM Another of the early pioneers of hydrofoil manufacturers.
Moses WWW.MOSESHYDROFOIL.COM Probably the longest running hydrofoil manufacturer today. Produced in Italy.
Ketos WWW.KETOS-FOIL.COM/EN/ Hydrofoils made in France.
Alpinefoil HTTP://WWW.ALPINEFOIL.COM/ Hydrofoils made in France.
Zeeko WWW.ZEEKO-KITES.COM The first kite brand to sell a hydrofoil.
Taaroa WWW.TAAROA-KITEFOIL.COM A top racing foil and most top racers use this hydrofoil. Made in France.
Newind WWW.NEWIND.NET Hydrofoils made in Italy.
Skyski WWW.SKYSKI.COM Mainly for towing behind a boat, but the standup model can be used for kitehydrofoiling too.
Groove Kiteboards HTTP://WWW.GROOVEKITEBOARDS.IT/SITE/FOIL/ Hydrofoils made in Italy.
KFA WWW.KITEFOIL.COM.AU Hydrofoils made in Australia.
Feel-a-Float WWW.FEELAFLOAT.COM Hydrofoils made in Spain.
Aguera WWW.ALEXAGUERA.COM/FOILS Hydrofoils made in Hawaii.
Liquid Force WWW.LIQUIDFORCEKITES.COM The first mass produced foil.
F4 Fins WWW.F4FINS.COM Hydrofoils from the heart of the kite racing scene: California.
BoatLab WWW.BOATLAB.COM.AU Custom made hydrofoils in Australia.
Island Feeling WWW.ISLAND-FEELING.COM A French made hydrofoil.
Aviogate WWW.AVIOGATE.COM A Spanish Carbon fiber manufacturer making hydrofoils as well.

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Hatteras Kiteboarding for Miami Summer

Now we rent Carafino hydrofoil. The top name in hydro foiling. If you see that you want to get oone this is a great way to see if you if it is for you. $ 100 rental, ride along to the flats or deposit for the board.

Foil kiteboarding rental

Foil kiteboarding rental

Miami kiteboarding lessons wind and wethere
Rent Hydrofoil in Miami or hatteras


miami kitesurfing

Kiteboarding lesson Real deal

When In Miami you will find all kinds of deals that are not real . But Miami kitesurfing ie the real deal on kiteboarding


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